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Archimedes’ Field



These images explore the cyclical and impermanent nature of life.  Over the course of a weekend I set up and documented the falling and rising and falling again of a field of helium balloons in what was once my father’s vegetable garden.  I expected the balloons to be expended on the ground after the first twelve hours as I’d done tests and had many discussions with my local balloon supplier, however there was unexpected turn of events.  On the first morning I arrived before sunrise to photograph them and as expected they lay like fallen fruit across the field.  I took some images and was preparing to leave when I noticed one balloon wavering in the breeze.  Soon it started bobbing.  As the sun warmed the field and the dew evaporated all the balloons rose again and began their dance.

In this work the balloons signify us, the human race, and our struggles and successes against outside pressures.  Through elements such as a silent fog, morning dew, or the darkness of night the mood is set for a story of the constancy of nature with its times for movement, energy,peace and stillness.