Rachel Marsden » What lies beyond the imagined?

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Early 21st Century Devices



I am curious about the effect our personal devices – smart phones, cameras, mp3 players- have on our relationships with other people and our external environment.  No one can deny that we live in an age of access and are more closely connected then ever before but I wish to examine how these devices can cause disconnection and a shallower experience of our non-virtual environment.

I am also interested in how these devices are used for comfort, to avoid social anxiety and boredom. If we experience these feelings we can reach for our phone, browse through Facebook, take a picture or just escape with some music. We seek to fill our lives with chatter and stimulation to live the ‘ultimate’ life (and we have the pictures to prove it) but we no longer make time for silence, to allow for the unexpected.

These images depict a moment in time.  These are modern poses yet how quickly they will change, even now new devices are being invented and released for the consumer market to replace current ones.  Prototypes for wearable computers are being created and experiments began long ago for ways to integrate them into our bodies.

I am curious as to what effect this technology will have on society and culture in the future and what are the implications for the individual that lives in a world that is always recorded and always ‘on’?