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Allan and Eunice

Allan + Eunice is a portrait of my grandparents. They lived in Stanthorpe for almost sixty years in the house Allan built for them. By documenting the objects they collected I created a better understanding of who they were as people.



 “I made carrot soup for the first time the other day and, through a trick of the senses, found myself back in my grandmother’s home. My house became hers for a moment in visceral memory, how it was before she passed away. After two years I still find fine silver strands of her hair, her dna, in unexpected places. Pa has been gone longer, my memories of him are faded snapshots, snippets of a film reel or a simple Gif stored in my mind from a moment in childhood.

Traces of these people now only exist in the memories of those who knew them and in the objects they owned or shared. In order to hold onto them a little longer, to give evidence of their unique existence, I made this series of images documenting the items they kept, collected and made; the little things that remained after they were gone.

This series serves as a portrait of my grandparents, each image provides a window into who they were as people. It is something to share with others who never met them.

Objects take on new meaning and a new appreciation when they are all that’s left of a person. Questions arise and, at least in my case, regret at not having asked more while they were still alive. I’ll never know what Pa thought of those bullets, or exactly how Ma made carrot soup.”

July, 2014

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